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A Basic WordPress Tutorial (Free Pdf)

WordPress is an online publishing suite that allows you to create and edit a blog. This tutorial will go over the basic features of WordPress. It will also cover all the essentials that a beginning user will need to know for future references.   The Tutorial Includes 1. Creating an account and logging in 2. [...]

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microsoft word 2013 introduction

A Brief Introduction for Microsoft Word 2013 ( Introduction )

Getting to Know Word 2013 Word 2013 is very similar to Word 2010. If you’ve previously used Word 2010, then Word 2013 should feel very familiar. But if you are new to Word, or have more experience with older versions, you should first take some time to become familiar with the Word 2013 interface. The Word Interface [...]

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Microsoft Access 2013 Tutorial ( Introduction)

Microsoft Access 2013 is a database creation and management program. To understand Access, you must first understand databases. In this lesson, you will learn about databases and how they are used. You will familiarize yourself with the differences between data management in Access and Microsoft Excel. Finally, you will get a look ahead at the rest of the Access course. What [...]

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A Brief Tutorial Microsoft Word 2010 ( Pdf File)

A Brief Tutorial Microsoft Word 2010 ( Pdf File) Click Here to Download/Show the Complete Tutorial, tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word 2010

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Microsoft Excel basic tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial will have you focusing on the basics of Excel by creating a simple and practical worksheet. The lesson is broken up into six mini-tasks that take only minutes to accomplish. Learning Excel has never been so easy! EXCEL TASK Your goal is to save a workbook in Microsoft Excel. What is a workbook? It’s an Excel file that [...]

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microsoft word introduction

Basic Microsoft Word Introduction For Beginners

  1) File names: The .doc extension tell you that the file is microsoft word file ( below is an example) xxxxxxxx.doc = Word document    (for example, Letter to the Editor.doc) 2) Help Menu:  About the help menu When in doubt, pull down the Help menu. Click on Help, then on Microsoft Office Word Help. Type the topic you need help on in the Search box (for example, margins), [...]

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