The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Mutant Baby – Zombies (SNES)

Mutant Baby The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Well in battling Zombies and saving many friends you move forward into the next area and everything seems quiet, a little too quiet. Until all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the Giant Baby just jump across your screen, trampling you outright with no mercy whatsoever lol. Truly creepy and totally unexpected, especially when he turns into a regular baby upon his defeat.

Charlie Jolson – The Getaway

The GGetaway1 1 The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

A greatly encountered wrongdoing supervisor who is not just a savage bigot, supporting the British National Party, yet who is likewise inclined to great episodes of outrage. He plans to cause a group war that will help him re-take control of London, finishing so by controlling the Protagonist, Mark Hammond. In the event that that isn’t sufficient, when his plans reverse discharge, he tries to blow each remaining character up on board his ship, incorporating himself.

Teepo – Breath of Fire 3

Teepo The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Originally one of your starting team, Teepo went missing only to reappear towards the game’s climax, revealing that he is also a member of the brood but aligns himself with the Goddess Myria, who believes dragons are too powerful to live alongside people. Sadly, once defeated, Teepo reveals he only ever wanted to live alongside you and Rei as in the beginning of the game.

Warren Eckhardt – Dead Space: Extraction

Warren Dead Space The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Extraction laid waste to the belief by many that a first-person rail shooter can’t have an involving story, at which Warren Eckhardt was at the core. Eckhardt was revealed as a devout Unitologist, only to kill the only person that knows and attempt to murder another, all in his quest to capture Lexine for testing as to why she was immune to the effects of the Marker.

Electro – Spider Man 2: Enter Electro

Electro The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Electro is one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes and became even more formidable towards the climax of this PlayStation outing. After a plot involving various other Spider-Man villains, Electro used the power of the Bio-Nexus Device to become Hyper-Electro, a supercharged, giant, version of himself that was near invincible, only defeated when his own newfound power takes out the generators powering it.

Ansem, Seeker Of Darkness – Kingdom Hearts

Ansem The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Originally, Sora believes his best friend, Riku, to be the central antagonist of the game, until Ansem formally introduces himself, having possessed Riku early in the story. His place on this list is earned by his desire to steal the hearts of seven Disney Princesses, as well as the revelation in the sequel that he was in fact a heartless of an imposter, not the true Ansem

Pinstripe Potoroo – Crash Bandicoot

Potoroo The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

Pinstripe was maybe one of the craziest bossesfrom the Crash Bandicoot arrangement. Not just was he the head of Cortex’s energy plant, yet he was his particular bodyguard as well. Talking in an in number Brooklyn stress, Pinstripe was all around reminiscent of Tony Montana in Scarface, particularly when splashing his office with his Thompson SMG in an endeavor to murder Crash.

Master Of Darkness – Heart of Darkness

Lord Of Darkness The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

The ruler of the Darklands and a demonic sorcerer, the Master of Darkness only has one goal, to conquer all other dimensions outside of his own Kingdom. His powers begin the game by causing a solar eclipse on Earth, before his minions kidnap Andy’s dog, Whiskey. Appearing as a shroud of darkness with red eyes and 3 horns atop his head, he was the exact reason Andy was afraid of the dark.

Kombayn Nikoladze – Splinter Cell

Kombayn The Craziest Game Bosses of All time

An incredibly powerful man as President of Georgia, Nikoladze hid an extreme hatred of America, leading to him instigating an information crisis that allowed him to seize the oil resources of Azerbaijan. His actions eventually led to a declaration of War against Georgia by America, not that that stopped him attempting to set off a ‘Special Atomic Demolition Munition’, codenamed The Ark, in the heart of Washington.

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