Top 10 Video Game Chicks ( You don’t Want to miss)

Yep, we’ve finally gotten around to choosing the foremost beautiful choices of digital women. Believe me, it wasn’t a simple task. There was an enormous range of hot polygonal models to choose from, most of that very need to be within the list (or mentioned at least). Sadly, not several heroines will serve to the personal appeal and sweetness of icons like, Lara farm or Cate Archer, so, naturally, the list was narrowed down. So, while not any ruckus, we tend to present our alternative of the 10 most enjoyable females that kept us company throughout of these years of gaming.

10. Rayne – Bloodrayne

atstop10videogamechicks10 Top 10 Video Game Chicks ( You dont Want to miss)
You simply cannot beat a sexy red-haired Dhampir. No really, you can’t. Rayne, a.k.a. Agent BloodRayne, is the central female character of Terminal Reality’s action adventure series, BloodRayne. Don’t know if any of you actually remember, but it was suggested at one time that the character of BloodRayne was originally supposed to be Svetlana Lupescu, a Dhampir from Terminal Reality’s title, Nocturne. This supernatural huntress had a human mother and vampire father and she represented one of the key characters in the game. In fact, early game art showed that BloodRayne looked almost exactly like Svetlana (being a vampire-slaying chick with twin blades). At some point, rumors indicated that the final outline of BloodRayne’s character might’ve been partially inspired by Durham Red from the long-running British comic-book series Strontium Dog (though this was denied by Terminal Reality). When the originalBloodRayne title came out, the game itself received average scores, while the charming lead character met with a favorable response from gamers. The sequelmade a greater impact and was seen as an improvement both technically and gameplay wise. The character of BloodRayne eventually made it to the big-screen, but alas, Uwe Boll took the director’s chair and… you know the rest.

Also, did you know that Rayne is the very first video game character to appear in Playboy Magazine (issue October 2004 – U.S. edition), as part of a feature entitled, Gaming Grows Up. Some pretty provocative pictures in that one, should you care to flex your Googling skills.


9. Nariko – Heavenly Sword

atstop10videogamechicks9 Top 10 Video Game Chicks ( You dont Want to miss)
Meet Nariko, a relative new-comer to the gaming world. Nariko takes center stage in SCE’s recently released PS3 title, Heavenly Sword. She wields a mighty weapon called the “Heavenly Sword,” which alters into one of three forms depending on the attack stance used by the player. According to the game’s plot, this sizzling red-haired female warrior has only a few days to live and she embarks on one final act of redemption against a king and his invading army. It was said that the “Heavenly Sword” slowly drains the life force of its wielder (if he or she is a mortal). King Bohan, who’s obsessed with the Sword, begins a merciless campaign against Nariko and her people, so he can snatch the weapon for himself. So, in addition to looking positively gorgeous, Nariko has a righteous streak and knows the meaning of the world “honor.” At the risk of losing her own life, she uses the powerful weapon to take vengeance upon King Bohan and his army.

Oh and did we mention that she’s positively gorgeous, and possibly one of the most expressive video game characters to date?

We did?

The breakthrough facial capture technology comes courtesy of Weta Digital Ltd in New Zealand, the special effects company behind such movie blockbusters as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.

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  1. John January 26, 2014 at 3:44 pm #

    I’m not really the type to do this, but did a qualifier for this list have to be how much skin was shown? And even by that logic there were odd choices. Maybe then it was bust size or impractical clothing? Some characters I’ll agree with for being interesting with unique back stories (bloodrayne, half life) but Tia from DOA? Or the Ninja Gaiden girl in dental floss?

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